June 2, 2019
Herpes Virus
June 7, 2019

Ask The Doctor: Sharing accommodation may cause scabies Peninsula – Sharing accommodation is very common in Doha but an increase in this phenomenon due to high rents has led to a corresponding rise in skin disease. Such skin disease afflict both families living in shared apartments and villas or single men residing HPV key link to cancer Newsday – The sexually transmitted human papillomavirus has been found to be the main risk factor associated with an increase in an unusual form of cervical cancer worldwide. A study in today’s issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that Last hold order lifted at Pimlico Baltimore Sun – The last hold order has been lifted by state agriculture officials at Pimlico Race Course, where an outbreak of equine herpes killed three horses last month. The hold order on Barn A was lifted today after 21 of the 25 horses in the barn tested Oscar stars prepare with botox and caviar Stuff – LOS ANGELES: As celebrities vie to be prettier, thinner and more fabulous in preparation for the Academy Awards, they are pulling out all the stops, having their bodies massaged with diamonds and their faces rubbed with a cream made of fish eggs VIDEO:

Teen Warns of the Internet Danger Zone WTVD – Law officers posing as minors are catching some of the online predators, but a teenager who says she got caught in the web’s danger zone says parents need to be on alert. Christine (only using her first name) has a warning for parents.”You can never Drug testing is just another way for the board majority to distract North County Times – If parents want to test their kids for drugs, the kits are cheap and available these days. But Vista Unified School District and other public officials should stick to education. Board members of the Vista school district, which includes parts of Chickenpox after vaccination Manila Bulleting Online – I have two sons aged six and nine who have been vaccinated against chickenpox. Yet last month, my nine-year-old son developed chickenpox. A week later, my six-year-old also contracted the disease. Why did they get sick despite the vaccination

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