Preventing From Viral Infections During Pregnancy

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January 14, 2020
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Viral Infections And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time period when women need to be really careful about contracting infections. You need to plan ahead before getting pregnant because infection in women may cause serious disorders in the child. They could be affected by the serious illness, have lifelong disabilities, birth defects, loss of hearing and learning problems. Therefore prevention is always better than cure. Infection caused before and during pregnancy can prove fatal for the child. It is not just the infection but also the medication can have serious trouble to the child.

If you are planning to become pregnant then talk to your healthcare provider who can give you guidance on preventing yourself from infection. Viral infections are contagious through casual contacts. They can easily spread through community. Preventing viral infections during pregnancy is of utmost importance for the health of the child and the mother should stay away from sick people and infected areas.

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The Deadly Zika Virus

Zika virus can be easily passed on to the foetus or to the baby at the time of birth. Zika virus can cause microcephaly, which is a brain defect and affects the growth of head and brain. The growth of head and brain will be smaller when compared to babies of same age and sex. In severe cases there will be other brain defects that affect the growth of the child. Zika virus is spread through mosquito bites carrying the virus. Before getting pregnant, find from a health care provider the list of places with zika virus you need to avoid travelling. And, during any trip follow standard rules to prevent mosquito bites.

If you are pregnant, then avoid travelling especially to places infected with zika virus. Prevent yourself from mosquito bites. If you are staying with a partner who is traveling then follow safe sex or avoid sex during pregnancy. This will prevent contracting any kind of viral infections you partner may have been infected with.

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Simple Tips To Prevent Infections

Follow hygienic habits all through your pregnancy. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. You must make it a habit to wash hands after using the bathroom, touching raw vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs, touching soil, dirt, pets and diapers. You must also be careful when around sick people and children. If you have young children at home under your care, then avoid any contact with their urine and saliva. Avoid raw and unpasteurized milk and all the food made from it. This also includes soft cheeses as they may contain bacteria that can be harmful.

Let someone else take care of your pet. Avoid changing cat litter as it may contain harmful parasites. If you have to do it then wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly. Get rid of pests around your home. Rodents will carry harmful viruses so avoid taking care of Guinea pigs and hamsters. Find if you have any sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis B and HIV. This will help reduce chances of transmitting diseases to the child. Protect yourself and the child with the right vaccinations. Vaccinations can be taken before or during pregnancy, and right after childbirth.

If you have not taken any vaccinations then avoid sick people whom you know have viral infections. Viral infections like chickenpox and measles are contagious even after one week of no symptoms. A few women carry group B strep bacteria which can complicate labor. A swab test can easily identify this bacteria enabling you to get treated immediately. Follow these simple steps to avoid any infection and stay safe during pregnancy.

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