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June 25, 2019
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January 2, 2020

Today is an amazing day, I’m up early and I didn’t drink any coffee. outstanding! Maybe that’s due to the fact that I discovered edible fruit last night, I was up all night searching online and I found edible fruit by accident. I knew it was something I wanted. It’s about time I got myself a really glorious treat. I don’t think we should only get presents for ourselves during the holidays, a splurge every now and then is quite healthy. As long as I don’t go overboard, my finances will be fine. Besides, I think edible fruit is worth it. My Mercedes has been giving me some problems. I hear these strange rumbling noises but I don’t know what the problem is or could be. Those mechanics really charge an arm and a leg just to take a look at it and quote a ridiculous price.

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I guess I could have spent the money on my Mercedes checkup instead of edible fruit last night. But I’m taking a chance that my Mercedes will hang out for a few more months. Even if I did get the checkup, I might not be able to afford to fix whatever problem it is, and I think that’s worse than not knowing. My sister had tried to give me her kids’ trout but I was like-no way. I can’t take care of that trout. I’m busy, overworked, and it’s just going to be another burden on me. But after some persuasion from those cute little kids of hers, I took the trout into my cramp apartment. It must be the edible fruit that has put me in such a good mood, even the people at the office commented on my cheery disposition today. I couldn’t tell them it’s edible fruit so I just smiled. Everyone’s got to have a little secret now and then.

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