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November 18, 2016
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Hearing the diagnosis of a long term health condition will come as to a shock to anybody. However, once you move past the initial shock of the diagnosis, it is necessary to find different ways to cope with the added stress of living with your ailment. Stress already plays a significant role in everybody’s lives, bringing in a long term illness to the mix can take your stress levels to dangerous levels. Some of the changes brought forth by a chronic illness to your life include:

  • Learning to manage your disease and how to take care of yourself.
  • Learn to cope with the discomfort or pain that is caused by the illness.
  • Take time to adjust to the new constraints of life resulting from the disease.
  • Find different ways to deal with the added financial pressures.
  • Take time to come to terms with confusion and frustration brought on by the diagnosis.

The first step that you need to take after learning about your diagnosis is to arm yourself with information about the illness. Learn everything you can about the symptoms and treatment options. Sometimes you might be able to find trial treatments nearby. Talking to other people who are in the same boat as you will help you find our footing and get ready for the long battle ahead.

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Here are a few strategies that will help you cope with the many changes that are part and parcel of any chronic illness:

  • Talk To Your Doctor
    Our doctor needs to be your first go to person for information. They can help guide you towards the right resources for further information. It is imperative to not go down the trail of false information as it will play havoc with your mental stability at a crucial time like this. Once you learn more about your symptoms and your illness, you will be able to help the doctor find the right course of treatments that suits you.
  • Build A Support Team
    You need not face any long term illness all on your own. Talk to your family and close friends, you will be surprised at the number of offers to help turns up. This will contribute to creating a support system for you that will prove beneficial in the long run.
  • Keep Track Of Your Medical TreatmentSome illnesses might require you to meet with more than a single specialist. Make sure that all the specialists are on the same page. This will help find better treatments that can contribute to reducing your plan and bring you much needed relief.
  • Consider Alternative Treatment
    Each kind of chronic illness brings forth its own set of symptoms. However, dry skin and constant pain seem to be consistent with all sort of chronic ailments. You can find some sort of relief from these treatments by trying out alternative treatments like massages. Regular massage sessions will help your body relax and let your mind also find some peace from the constant worry that you have been going through since hearing the diagnosis. Many doctors recommend swedish body massage as the perfect way for reducing chronic pain as well as feeling refreshed. India is home for healing therapies like spa treatments, yoga and so on. There are many renowned yoga academies and professional spa centers in Indian metro cities. Experts suggests to go for best spas like Riverday Spa, Chennai , Four Fountains – Bangalore and so on for best services.
  • Stay Happy
    Bing diagnosed with a chronic illness will bring down your spirits very fast. It is necessary to stay active and maintain a positive outlook for any treatment to work. Interestingly, it has been noted that depression after being diagnosed by a chronic illness is prevalent these days. In case you find yourself slipping away into the darkness, talk to your doctor. They will give you pointers to manage the depression or even offer medication in severe cases.
  • Make Important Decisions
    Most people tend to start thinking about death after they have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. You can spell out your decisions regarding your medical care towards the end now itself. You can also get all your documents in order, making it easier for your family members and loved ones.

Although death is inevitable, it is always a shock to find out that one is suffering from a long term illness. Many people tend to become overwhelmed with this information and lose their zeal for life. You can avoid this by trying to look at the positive side of things, and use the time left to do all the things that you have dreamt of till date. You never know, a cure might be just around the corner!

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