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October 25, 2018
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Know The Importance Of UPS In The HealthCare Industry

Nantech Power Systems Private Limited
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Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd

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In today’s technological world, uninterrupted power supply seems to be an essential factor to run everyday life. Hence there is a need for continuous power supply or backups, especially for a hospital. So many life support systems which work through electricity are used at the hospitals. A proper power back up is vital, otherwise, the hospital is at risk of facing so many losses in terms of human life as well as money, which cannot be described here. In such situations, the newly designed Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) comes to our rescue, to assist us.

Thanks to UPS system which comes to the rescue as many healthcare facilities like respirators, intensive care systems, heart monitors, need power backups to save human life. This article is about one of the leading UPS suppliers named Nantech Power System company, which design, develop and deal all kinds of UPS, Inverters, and batteries for various industries which include the healthcare industry.

When it comes to the power supply from the power supply companies, failure is inevitable for various reasons. Hence UPS or Inverter systems have become mandatory for the whole health industry as well as the other industries. Operation theatres, ICU facilities need power supply throughout the day, and hence the role of these power backup systems has become a mandatory requirement to save human life. In a hospital scenario, the data of patient history is considered important for medical experts. Storing and processing such data is known to be highly critical in the healthcare facilities. Any risk of power failure can lead to a loss of data of the patient’s history. Here, the UPS comes handy for the hospital administrators.

Large Power Backup System provided by leading UPS suppliers named Nantech Power System company

Started with a humble beginning in 1996, Nantech has been one of the pioneers in manufacturing several power backup systems such as Online UPS, Serve stabilizers, Inverters, Active Harmonic Filters, Isolation Transformers and many more. Nantech operates under the banner Nantech Power Systems Pvt. Ltd and is well known for manufacturing high-quality power back up systems to various industries. By using the latest state of the art, the firm has integrated with top-class technology in making world-class UPS systems to the healthcare industry. This powerful system is used in places like hospitals, small clinics, diagnostic centers, operation theatres, ICU units in hospitals, clinical laboratories and so on.

Being an ISO Certified Company, Nantech has a strong engineering background and possess the best manufacturing skills in its factory in Chennai. The dedicated team of engineers always strive to develop and offer innovative solutions for every industry. Interestingly, the firm has experts in developing top-class online UPS systems which are tailor-made for the health industry. Here one has to remember the fact that Operation Theatres in large hospitals and precision laboratories operate high power equipment which saves human lives.

>Hence such systems need high-power UPS and Inverters that can provide continuous power without losing even one-tenth of second even after the power line failures. The engineers at Nantech possess such expertise skills. For all types of UPS and Inverters that are needed for the healthcare industry, the company can be contacted through email or phone. The firm’s customer support is considered to be of world-class standard.

Know More About UMD- A Brand For Medical Equipment Supplies

Ultimate Medical Devices

19, 2nd Floor, Guru Nanak Market

Lajpat Nagar

New Delhi-110024

Being an experienced surgeon in your specialty, you will surely have aspirations to start a surgical clinic at your preferred location in order to serve society. Undoubtedly, it is a wise decision for you to start this kind of Nobel services, though it is needed for you to exploit your learned skills and talents in which you are an expert. In this context, you need to buy the right type of medical equipment for your proposed clinic.

Undoubtedly, buying these gadgets and tools will cost you money, and hence it becomes mandatory for you to be thoughtful while buying this equipment from the market. In such situations, the ever popular Ultimate Medical Devices (UMD) comes handy for you. Read on to find more details about UMD which is considered to be one of the pioneers in dealing with a variety of medical equipment and surgical tools.

Undoubtedly, UMD is considered to be one of the most focused companies in promoting many surgical tools and instruments in India. Most of the company’s products include surgical tools used in operation theatres; a table mounted surgical retractors, sterilization containers and many more. UMD has a terrific background as its founder has fifty years of experience in the surgical instrumentation industry. Established in 1987, UMD has witnessed a solid growth with Midicon instrumentation and later became a pioneer in the industry with the help of its founder. The company has scaled to new heights mainly through the dedicated employees and a strong management team.

Medical Room with full of medical equipments

At UMD a team of design experts always try to push their capabilities to higher levels on a continuous basis. For them, there is no end to their innovative skills as they feel that every end is a beginning to improve further in their knowledge and applications. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the team at UMD brings the brand UMD as one of the market leaders in making medical equipment and many surgical tools. In fact, the skills of every employee at UMD are well reflected in innumerable health care centers and hospitals across the country.

UMD products are the most preferred ones by the surgeons because of their high quality and customer service. Both these elements are essential for maintaining healthy operation theatres. The firm makes different kinds of instruments that are needed for various medical specialty areas such as general surgery, Gynaecology, GI Surgery, and Liver transplant, Vascular surgery, reconstructive surgery, oncology-surgery, dental surgery, ophthalmology and many more. The real USP of UMD lies in its pricing structure. The company has removed the perception that medical instruments are not small clinics as they were expensive. Today, UMD is offering all these instruments and surgical tools at affordable costs without compromising quality.

Those who are in need of the surgical products mentioned above can contact UMD which is located in New Delhi. Also, one can contact the firm through its website as well as in its email address: [email protected] The firm offers free quotes as soon as it receives an inquiry from the clients, who are generally operating surgical clinics, medical laboratories, and even small clinics across the country.

What One Needs To Know About Health Care Furniture?

Midmark (India) Pvt.Ltd

Janak House, Opp, I,O,C, Depot

Sheik Misry Road


Both hospital furniture and medical instruments play a critical role in the healthcare industry. All the surgical theatre furniture is considered to be vital for the surgeons who perform various kinds of critical surgeries. More than safety, operation theatre furniture offers the surgeons to make the job a bit easy so that they can do their professional work with enhanced care and safety. This theatre furniture is designed and developed by keeping in view of some critical points in mind.

When you are running a hospital or clinic involving various medical procedures and surgeries, it is essential that you need to get access to the right medical instruments and other clinical and surgical tools. Medical diagnosis involves several types of equipment and even medical furniture which are generally exclusive for some specific purposes. Hence, it is important to choose the right one from the reputed suppliers.

Before buying any hospital furniture, it is advisable for the buyers to check the testimonials from the websites of the suppliers. If the testimonials are given with a positive note from reputed hospitals, it is an indicator that the products supplied by the suppliers are considered to be of high quality. Any negative testimonial is also an indicator of caution to the buyers. Hence reading reviews and testimonials will help the buyers to choose the right suppliers for all these hospital furniture and other surgical tools and instruments.

An Edited Image with full of Hospital Furnitures

In fact, the design and development of the furniture are made with the guidelines and suggestions offered by leading surgeons. Here one has to remember the fact; these furniture have a multi-functional feature so that different types of surgeries can be performed by using a single table by making simple adjustments. Read further and know more about the well-known brand Midmark, which is one of the pioneer manufacturers of making surgical and ICU solutions.

Midmark Corporation was established in 1951 in America and has been operating its India under the banner Midmark India Pvt Ltd, and located in Mumbai and the company has many branches across India. The firm provides ICU solutions by offering all types of medical instruments that are mandatory for ICU compliance. Also, the firm deals with hospital furniture such as dental chairs, and other special chairs that are used for the patients while diagnosing and treating various disease.

Being an ISO certified company for various categories, Midmark India has a huge factory at Umbergaon, near Mumbai and make all products which are environment-friendly. The firm uses all the latest technology in making various products for different medical applications. If you are in need of such products for your clinics or hospitals you can call the company, who will be pleased to offer you a free quote and product catalog.

You can move forward after knowing your hospital needs, and once the order is made, these products will be delivered within a week’s time, if the company has those items in stock. The company also makes customized products according to the needs of the patients. Those who are in need of various types of hospital furniture can log on to the website and know the various products the firm makes to the market.

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