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Eye problems are common and are experienced by most people at one point or another. Certain eye diseases are minor and it heals on its own or vanishes by simple home treatments. Some eye diseases need care from eye specialists. We have shared some medical treatments for eye problems that will be helpful for your eyes to get back on good health or status. If you are finding any of these issues affecting your eyes frequently, we suggest getting help from your eye doctor. If your symptoms do not go within one or two days or if it is really bad, you need to consult your eye doctor.

1. Are you feeling a strain in your eyes?

Eyestrain usually occurs for individuals who work for long hours at a computer, read books, or travel long distances. When you use your eyes too much, it results in eyestrain. The eyes get tired. Remember, it is important to give rest to your eyes just like other body parts. Close your eyes and give rest for some time if you are feeling somewhat straining. If they remain tired even after one to two days, you have to meet your eye doctor to ensure it is not another issue.

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2. Do your eyes look red or have bloodshot?

The surface of the eyes is covered with blood vessels. They expand when they are infected or irritated. As a result, your eyes get that red look. It can also be due to eyestrain or allergies or lack of sleep. If it is due to injury, you need to consult your doctor immediately. Red eyes can also be a sign of other eye conditions such as sun damage (when not wearing shades) or conjunctivitis (also referred to as pink eye). If rest and over the counter drops do not help the condition, it is necessary to consult your eye doctor.

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3. Are you finding it hard to see at night hours?

If your vision is not clear at night hours while driving or find your seat in dark rooms like in movie theatres, then you have chances of night blindness. It is not an issue but it is a symptom. Some of the common causes of night blindness are Vitamin A deficiency, keratoconus, cataracts, and nearsightedness. Your eye doctor can easily fix this issue with the right treatment plan and medications.

Some individuals will develop due to degenerative disease concerning the retina or born with this issue. It cannot be treated in these cases. If you are having night blindness, you have to be cautious in places of low light.

4. What is a lazy eye?

Amblyopia or lazy eye occurs when one eye does not develop correctly. In this case, vision will be weak in one eye and it will move lazily around but the other eye remains perfect. It is common in adults, children, and infants. It is very rare to see both eyes with this condition. It is necessary to give immediate treatment for children and infants with a lazy eye issue.

If the issue is detected in an early stage and treatment is given at early childhood, it is possible to avoid future vision problems. Some of the treatment options for lazy eyes include contact lenses or corrective glasses and utilizing patches or other methods to make the individual utilize the lazy eye fully.

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