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October 20, 2018
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October 25, 2018
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Healthcare Software Solutions by Allied Business

Allied Business Solutions
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Allied Business Solutions

27/2, Venkatraman Street


Chennai – 600017

Allied Business is changing the healthcare contribution with the industry’s utmost flexible, powerful and modern cloud-based platform. The company believes that the healthcare industry deserves tools that are easy to use, modern and flexible as the one used in our daily lives. They perform everything with their experience to satisfy clients, stakeholders and fellow employees, judging the day’s success by whether they have assisted in making lives easier, more enjoyable and more productive. They are prepared with a single strong mission that is to remain prepared to assist any future progresses that takes place in the healthcare industry.

Some of their medical software products are as follows;

  • Mediview
  • eeNah-LIS
  • JeeNah
  • Mediview- PACS
  • ADempiere ERP
  • MP
  • Mediview :: Mediview is an advanced endoscopy reporting software by the Allied Business Solutions. It is developed with various features such as managing patient reports, data, images and videos. It has a well-planned layout with videos, images,and procedures and visiting details of the patient. The entire information will be displayed on a single page. The patient’s videos can be played as per requirement. It has hide and seek selection, where you can avoid tools and icons in clusters. If you want to know when the image or videos has been taken, you can just place the mouse near the image to get exact informationThe Mediview software has filtering and search options, which remains helpful for both patients and physicians.

    JeeNAH LIS: It is the best laboratory management software designed to enhance medical support decision and reduce manual workflow system. It is perfect for multiple location operations. There is no need to manually upload or create patient information as the software takes care of complete recording, saving and managing the patient’s important medical documents.

    JeeNAH :: Hospital management is a complicated task. It can be simplified by utilizing advanced tools like JeeNAH. It is an online based HMS solution that helps in seamless functioning with a focus on hospital revenue and patient care. It is a portable application that even supports the mobile platform. The entire tracking of patients can be well managed with the use of this software. It is easy to access and can be used by the healthcare professionals employed in the hospital. It helps in better patient care as well as hospital management system.

    Mediview PACS: It has the features of Mediview software, but the images and videos of the patients are retrieved in PACS server. MEDIPACS is designed in the Vendor Neutral Architecture and has the capacity of accepting images from numerous medical modalities. It has a fast query retrieval function, which can be incorporated with the third party workstations according to the requirements of the user. The web viewer is developed in such a way offering maximum tools to the users.

    ADempiere ERP: It is a self-installable, callable, touchable and pluggable software. It has been released under the open source software certificate. It has been developed particularly using a JBoss application server. It is the Enterprise Resource Planning software recommended for hospitals and healthcare management centers.

    Healthcare Consulting Company- Asclepius Consulting

    Asclepius Consulting

    Asclepius Consulting

    8-2-672/5&6, 4th Floor,

    Ilyas Mohammed Khan Estate,


    Asclepius Consulting is a leading healthcare consulting and healthcare IT company in India. Charak is an advanced hospital management suite with world class quality utilized by healthcare professionals. It has the capacity to control the clinical and administrative workflow. Asclepius offer complete consulting and management services to various hospitals in India. They focus and offer solutions on both small and large hospital management problems like customer acquisition, pricing, growth strategy, process debottlenecking, etc.

    Some of the software and services offered by Asclepius Consulting are as follows;

    • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    • Clinical Information System (CIS)
    • Hospital Information System (HIS)
    • Management Consulting Services for Indian Hospitals

    Electronic Medical Record: Asclepius Consulting provides an affordable and scalable electronic medical record software solution package, which is actually a complete medical files management software system. It records the complete clinical experience including medication history, patient medical history, treatment status and problems, medical appointment scheduling, examinations, referrals, lab work and visits and complete patient associated information. The EM software enhances and improves overall patient care, avoids expensive medication errors, tracks patient medications, improves patient flow and reduces waiting time and also scheduling errors. It helps in the efficientpreparation of follow-up visits.

    EMR software remains useful even for staff and management in various ways. It improves staff efficiency and avoids the need to review charts and forms and manually complete the data. It is simple to use and completely user-friendly. It offers instant access to patient information. The benefits of EMR software is infinite. It is best to experience to enjoy its complete benefits.

    Clinical Information System: A CIS or clinical information system is a data system developed particularly for use in a critical care situation like ICU (Intensive Care Unit).It can link with several computer systems like radiology and pathology in the modern hospital. It obtains information from various systems into the electronic patient record. It allows the clinicians and physicians to view the information from the bedside of the patient. The CIS can remain beneficial for clinicians and patients by permitting better clinical research and encouraging quality improvement. It makes simple for the patients to have scans and x-ray when required. It offers complete information to physicians for making decisions. It offers communication between various health professionals looking after each patient.

    The Clinical Information System improve the healthcare software systems by adding specialty particular elements like patient education, EDD reminders-obstetrics, vaccination reminders, growth charts-pediatrics, chemotherapy regime-oncology, staging-oncology, etc. Hospital Information System: It is complete hospital management software constructed on the background of administrative software. It covers all the important elements of hospital billing, RADT, customer relationship management, waste management, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, quality audits, regulatory compliance, cashless insurance, purchases, doctor management, task lists, queue management, appointment, scheduling, lab, pharmacy, material, etc. The hospital information software flawlessly incorporates with individual third-party applications for a non-patient procedure like human resources in form of payroll integration and accounting in form of SAP integration, Tally integration.HIS is cost effective and reduces scope of error. It ensures improved efficiency as the system is taken care mechanically without human intervention.

    Manorama Healthcare and their Software Solutions

    Manorama Infosolutions

    Manorama Healthcare Solutions

    Nagala Park

    Kolhapur - 416003


    Manorama Healthcare is a top provider of technology solutions and services to healthcare technology companies and healthcare organizations. They have wide experience in Enterprise Resource Planning software developing innovative and smart solutions, telemedicine, Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records, IOT solutions or IOT connected devices and patient gateways informing patient care along with excellence of healthcare delivery.

    They have functioned with area particular healthcare guidelines and effectively launched their solutions in the Middle East, India, Asia Pacific and African Continents offering uniformity of services. Their portfolio of healthcare solutions is a vast covering patient portal, telemedicine, E-Claims, E-Diagnostic, Mobile health, clinical decision support schemes, national repository, BI and analytics, Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records. Lifeline Telemedicine: It has various features like videoconferencing, caretaking, secure remote access, teleconsultation, recording and capturing patient information, pre and post-operative care, reference of the patient and much more. It has specialized Enterprise Structure that manages the patient record and also complete telemedicine center. It provides web-based teleconsultation, important signs monitoring, tele-ECG,and important services in cardiology and radiology in real time. This system captures and records patient data in real time, taking vitals through sensors in the Electronic Medical Records associated with the hospital information system software from remote locations.

    Lifeline M-Health: It is a mobile health solution with various solutions offering instant access to patient data and physicians connectivity. It permits healthcare professionals and doctors to co-operate and take timely and exact decisions for patient care and treatment plans. It is a user-friendly and safe app helps in improved patient engagement and generates an EMR also. It helps the organizations concentrate on patient monitoring and engagement supporting healthcare workflows throughout the care field- health worker communities, facilities, physician and patients. It helps in prescription, diagnosis and other clinical values for the physicians to take care of the movement of nurses and staff.

    Online appointment portal: It links several hospitals entities and branches for an online appointment and registration system through HMIS (Hospital Management Information System). The online appointment portal simplifies online appointment with several departments of various hospitals using mobile number and demographic details of the patient. When an appointment is finalized with the doctor as per given time slot and day, the confirmation will reflect on the respective hospital’s appointment dashboard. This helps the authorities to remain informed regarding appointment confirmation. Moreover, an automatic confirmation message will be sent to the patient to confirm the appointment fixing. It is an advanced system that helps hospital to effortless manage the appointment and registration process. It also helps in monitoring the patient’s flow in an excellent manner.

    Document Management System or DMS: It is important for hospital organization to share live electronic data with patients, clinicians, nurses and doctors to reduce costs and enable better care. The application of this system saves physical storage area and reduces paper usage. It helps in stress-free retrieval of files. The main feature of Lifeline DMS is it can record and classify any patient, health and finance forms and routes the data to the department of care.

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    1. Ranbir says:

      An informative article which would help to choose the right software solutions for hospitals or diagnostic centers. It talks about the top software products developed by each of the software solutions. The software products developed in a great boon to the medical industry.

    2. Pravin says:

      The above healthcare IT companies help large hospitals to manage their operations easily. Thus patients feel satisfied with the services offered by the hospitals. The Health care software solutions take complete control of the management and administrative functions of the health care industry.

    3. Shakil says:

      Being a health care professional, I personally feel that the services offered by the above health care software solutions are tremendous. The software products developed by them have made it easy to manage my patient records effectively. I thank the health care team for the above informative post.

    4. Vinoth says:

      The online appointment portal developed by the Manorama info solutions makes it easy for the patients to fix their appointments. Everything is available online and there is no need for the patients to visit the hospitals for scheduling appointments. The system also automatically informs the doctors about their appointments.

    5. Zoyia says:

      Hospital management has been simplified by the use of Jeenah an online software solution developed by healthcare software solutions. Hospitals and health care professionals prefer to use this software solution for managing and tracking their patient records. The software plays a vital role in improving the revenue of health care services.

    6. Jothi says:

      It is evident that without the services of the software companies as mentioned above, medical filed would not have seen this development. Thanks to technology which automated several of the processes of the medical field. This would help to satisfy the patients.

    7. indu says:

      The development of healthcare software solutions is the greatest breakthrough in the medical field. Software solutions help health care professionals in the diagnosis process and for storing massive amount of patient records that can be accessed easily in no time.

    8. Avanindra says:

      Hospital management has been simplified by the use of Jeenah an online software solution developed by healthcare software solutions. Hospitals and health care professionals prefer to use this software solution for managing and tracking their patient records. The software plays a vital role in improving the revenue of health care services.

    9. Archana says:

      Hospital management has been simplified by the use of Jeenah an online software solution developed by healthcare software solutions. Hospitals and health care professionals prefer to use this software solution for managing and tracking their patient records. The software plays a vital role in improving the revenue of health care services.

    10. Sriram says:

      I recently visited a multi-specialty hospital where the entire process was automated by the use of health care software. It reduced the waiting time and I was able to get the best service. Thanks to the services offered by the above software companies.

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