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April 10, 2018
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Top 3 Medical Software Solutions Companies
October 22, 2018
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How POS Is Useful For The Pharmaceutical Sector In India

Wondersoft Private Limited
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Wondersoft Private Limited

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A pharmacy is one place that everybody runs to, whether it is for OTC (over the counter pills and medication) or medicines from physician prescriptions. Pharmacies are one of the most essential needs of every locality and must be run smoothly and efficiently so that customers who come to pharmacies are not left in want. A technical improvement that companies in India, especially companies in the pharmaceutical sector are now utilising as part of their business strategy is the POS or the point-of-sale billing system. The POS software for pharmacies helps businesses in many ways.

  • POS provides the most recent sales reports for medicines on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.
  • POS delivers a well-organised method of handling a medical inventory.
POS Softwares for Pharmacies provided by Wondersoft private Limited

This unique software for pharmacies known as POS permits for better customer service. No longer is commerce and businesses the way it used to be, and business strategies of Indian corporates are moving across boundaries to online platforms. When it comes to POS software systems for medical shops and pharmacies, several questions have to be. There are Retail POS Software offered by companies such as Wondersoft for the pharmaceutical industry, and other issues include, “what” the company aims for, “who” will have to be part of the business strategy, and offers the correct remuneration to those who are a part of their goals and targets, what the selected audience or target market segment needs from the business, and how it can be more responsible both to customers as well as to the environment.

There are many ways your pharmacy software and medicine inventory management system can help you run a more competent pharmacy. Therefore it wouldn't be wrong to say that retail management software is very relevant in today's world. Wondersoft Company deals with vendor software for medical shops and pharmacy. As far as reliable inventory management, many pharmacists look for good pharmacy software to help them with their day to day management whether it is about managing costs, as well as what goes into customer satisfaction. Hence, management can implement different inventory management practices which include:

  • Keeping a stock of the medicines and organising them on a regular basis,
  • Methodical physical counts of medical inventory
  • Barcodes on the medicines and medical products that is scannable.

How Wondersoft Software Can Help You Manage Things

The one thing about the pharmaceutical industry is that the costs of stocking crucial medicines, as well as other overhead costs (like stocking important medicines or keeping certain important medicines at a certain temperature), are high. This is especially true forretailers in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacies in this segment have to make sure that their products make a mark, and they have to create a good impression for their medicines to get sold, so they make sure that get an excellent pharmaceutical POS software with medicines that can cater to several medical needs, and especially for medical emergencies. Having a good inventory management software for a pharmacy and medical shops will give an idea of what you have, and what you will need.

Medical Software For Monitoring Patients

Draeger India Pvt. Ltd

International Business Park

Western Express Highway

Mumbai - 400 063

TThe saying goes that health is wealth, and if you are someone who has been through various health problems, you will realise that it is necessary to have good healthcare solutions. In a country like India with a relatively large population, health care services have to be smooth and efficient. With an increase in the awareness of diseases and other health conditions, people are becoming more conscious about monitoring their health constantly. Hospitals and health care centres in India find the need to have patient monitoring software application for faster treatment and better diagnosis.

When it comes to medical software applications, Draeger provides some of the best quality applications that are useful for both current and future medical consultations. Medical procedures require that all of a patient's medical parameters are checked, which is sure to aid your diagnosis and treatment. Therefore every hospital and healthcare centre in India feels the need to have high-quality medical software to monitor the health conditions of patients. This could include parameters like blood pressure, heartbeat monitor, blood parameters, ECG, and for generating patient reports. These medical applications are incredibly vital for patients of all ages, from neonatal units to geriatric wards. Hospital applications also comprise of patient monitoring services that could provide your doctor with the insights needed to get you a better treatment for various medical conditions. Your doctor can look at this data for greater clarity of a medical condition, and this could go a long way in getting you better and more efficient treatment.

Why Patient Monitoring Is Crucial For The Health Care Industry

Draeger’s Patient Monitoring can give the doctor a better picture of how to take care of a specific medical condition or a particular illness that requires immediate attention. Technological advancements in patient monitoring in the medical field have been providing health care experts in hospitals and clinics with better insights on how to go about the treatment for various medical conditions.

Technical development in the field of medical software solutions has completely changed the way data of medical conditions of patients are captured and saved. Unlike in the past, medical data is more reliable, and the software is very advanced regarding technical aspects like data recording tools and filtering options for medical data.

Advancements in the field of medical technology has completely changed the way patients are monitored through the parameters used for medical consultations. Monitoring health status is far more advanced than it used to be and the patient monitoring software makes use of advanced technical tools to ensure that captured data are of high-quality.

The patient monitoring and reporting system by Draeger, make it much easier for healthcare experts to understand the medical condition of patients. Medical data and parameters can be saved in and can be accessed as needed. All parameters such as patient data and customised reports can be obtained as and when required, due to advancement in the technology of medical applications at a hospital, making it convenient for both the doctors, the hospital staff and the patient. Thus, these medical applications are blessing in disguise for monitoring patient health.

Digitisation Of Healthcare Industry

e-Zest Solutions Ltd

Anand Nilay Business Center


Maharashtra India

The digitisation of healthcare are is incredibly vital for all medical procedures. The medical data of hundreds of patients need to be stored safely for further use. The current healthcare situation is entirely different from what it was in the past, and more and more hospital applications are being upgraded to become more efficient. Hospital software solutions make it convenient for doctors and hospitals to access patients' medical parameters as and when they need it. Medical vendors in India have been able to come up with unique software that assists healthcare experts by storing the data digitally. When it comes Hospital software solutions, e-Zest is an essential player in the medical services industry. E-Zest offers

  • Engineering of healthcare products
  • Services for the healthcare enterprise and
  • Healthcare professional services.
A Professional Doctor Standing and Holding his Stethescope

The focus on the quality of the software is crucial because a health care expert depends a lot on this for further diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, this data should be easy to retrieve whenever needed. E-Zest has the all the tools and the appropriate technology to handle this.

What Does E-Zest Have To Offer?

E-Zest has a unique healthcare software solution which makes it easy to systematise and all medical applications in the healthcare industry in India. Hospitals have data of the parameters of hundreds of patients. E-zest takes care of this problem by storing all data digitally in a format that is technically advanced.

The healthcare software solution system is one of the most crucial aspects of the medical industry. New advancements have made it easier for doctors to get high-quality medical data from patients. They can analyse a data (the parameters) better and will also be able to get a clearer picture of a patient's medical condition.

When it comes to medical software solutions, E-Zest offers exceptional features that make it convenient for doctors to look into multiple data of a patient's medical condition. Technical advancements in medical applications software have entirely changed the way medical technology is seen in India now. The applications provided by e-Zest is customizable and can be altered according to specific medical needs of organisations in the healthcare industry in India. Doctors now find it easier to access a patient's medical history, especially when it comes to medical data, thereby saving a lot of time between patient visits, and starting treatment sooner. Many medical procedures require reliable data for a clearer insight into the best possible treatment. E-Zest provides healthcare experts with high-quality medical software applications that help them get a clearer insight into the medical condition of patients. This will go a long way in treating the disease without a waste of time. It can make things can make it a lot more convenient, more comfortable, and hassle-free. As far as medical software applications are concerned, e-Zest ensures that they take pointers both from doctors and patients. Keeping these considerations in mind, they have brought formulated a unique medical software application system to make sure that there is no lapse as far as quality is concerned. When it comes to medical software applications, efficiency is highly crucial.

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  1. Rohan says:

    Wondersoft develops world-class POS systems for the health care industry. The above article rightly specifies the importance of POS software for the health care industry. The POs system mainly offers better customer service for patients who visit health care units or hospitals. Wondersoft develops world-class POS systems for the health care industry.

  2. Rohit says:

    Really surprised how digitization of patient records have helped the health care industry. e-zest develops quality digitization software for hospitals and diagnostic centers. Thanks to the development of technology which has helped to create powerful digitization software which tracks patient reports easily.

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    I thank the health care team for posting the above article which talks about the role of technology in revolutionizing the health care industry. A much-needed post for health care professionals so that they can choose the right medical vendor software solutions.

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    The article made me understand the importance of patient monitoring in the health care industry. The patient monitoring software developed by dragger helps in offering better diagnosis and treatment based on the condition of the patients. The reliability of the software has made it popular worldwide.

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    The software developed for the pharmaceutical industry is highly powerful. Wondersoft develops quality inventory management software for large and small drug stores. The software manages the stocks and tracks the medical inventory. It is a great tool that simplifies the operations of a pharmacy.

  6. Dharani says:

    It is really an interesting post as it talks about how hospital management has been simplified by the use of the software. Make sure to purchase the software for your hospital from the right vendor. The vendor should be trustable and reliable.

  7. Deshan says:

    I have noticed in most of the pharmacies in my city pharmaceutical POS software is in use. This takes care of the entire inventory of the Pharmacy so that there is no out of stock of drugs. There was no delay in the billing section.

  8. Balu says:

    Wondersoft is a pioneer in developing POS software for various businesses. Their contribution to the medical field is noteworthy. POS software of wondersoft is being used by top pharmacies around the country. This would help to take their pharmacy business to the next level.

  9. Bhopal says:

    In my hospital patient monitoring was a challenging task and the management struggled to streamline it. Dragger the medical software company offered us with a patient monitoring system which was of great help to keep in track of the patient records. Our patients were greatly satisfied with our services.

  10. Benjamin says:

    A friend of mine visited the Riverday spa treatment for treating frequent headache. The experienced massage therapists offered a head massage with the use of medicated oil which cured her headache. Really an informative post on the services offered by the top spa centers in India.

  11. Mini says:

    It is true that digitization is the need of the hour as you have to manage and store huge patient information. Storing the records physically would occupy a lot of space. Digitization allows you to store the patient information in a cloud environment and access it as and when it is required.

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