An overview of obesity and the various medical treatments for obesity available today

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April 2, 2020
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According to the World health organization reports, the population of obese people has tripled in the last four decades. Obesity is also considered as the cause for more deaths as compared to the poverty-related deaths. The alarming increase in obesity is the indicator of how unhealthy and careless today’s generation is. It is high time people realize that obesity would not do any good, and it is essential either to prevent it or to find a cure for the same. Keep on reading if you wish to know, what causes obesity, what diseases obesity causes, and the various remedies and medical treatments for obesity.

Obesity and the related health risks

Obesity and being overweight are generally measured using the BMI index. BMI is a rough guide for weight measurement, and WHO strongly recommends using it as a general index to calculate the risk. The adults who have BMI equal to or more than 30, are obese, and those who are greater than or equal to 25 are overweight. The index factor for kids might be slightly different as their age comes in also while calculating BMI.

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Health risks

Obese and overweight people are susceptible to several high-risk health problems. Few of the health issues like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes occur together with the increasing weight. All these diseases come under metabolic syndrome that is associated with obesity. Following are the health issues that come with growing weight.

  • Obesity is often associated with increasing strain over the bone joints and cartilage damage. Arthritis is a significant health issue caused by obesity.
  • High levels of cholesterol and additional pressure on the blood vessel & heart can cause some severe health problems like stroke and coronary heart diseases. Excessive production of cholesterol by the liver can lead to Gallbladder disease.
  • Excessive production of adipose tissue leads to an increased secretion that can affect the kidneys. This results in the excessive production of insulin and raises blood pressure. Apart from high blood pressure, this is the underlying cause for Type2 diabetes too.
  • Extra weight leads to congestion and difficulty in breathing. Hence, obesity can also cause respiratory diseases.
  • Colorectal cancer and 13 types of other cancers are caused by obesity.

The diseases mentioned above can be prevented by following a strict diet and essential exercises. But unfortunately, people realize that much later that they are left only with the choice of medical treatment of obesity. Follow the treatment methods mentioned below to secure a happy and healthy life.

Fruits And Vegetable For Obesity Care.

Ways to cure obesity

Diet regulations

Consumption of processed, ready-made, and excessively refined food is the main reason for gaining additional fat and weight. Follow these simple diet guidelines to prevent obesity.

  1. Avoid the consumption of processed foods that are rich in additives like fructose.
  2. Increase the intake of whole grains and high fibre food like fruits and vegetables. High fibre foods can make you feel full, thereby reducing the temptation to eat food.
  3. Fibre and whole-grain foods reduce several metabolic syndromes related diseases like type2 diabetes, high BP and several cardiovascular problems
  4. Consult a doctor who can advise you on a proper diet chart.
  5. Avoid following crash diets as it may cause several essential vitamin loss. Follow a healthy weight loss program even though it might take time to show results.

Exercise and exercise

There is no easy way of healthy weight loss. Consuming excessive calories and leading a sedentary life is nowhere going to help you. The more the active you are, the more weight you lose. However, never jump in for a vigorous weight loss program at once. Start it slow. Make the following habits a routine.

  • Walk briskly
  • Pick up a healthy sport like swimming or badminton.
  • Use stairs instead of elevators

Ensure that you consult a health professional before starting any exercise regime.

Tablets For Obesity Care.

Weight loss medicines

Weight loss medications is a medical treatment for obesity that is suggested by doctors if the dietary changes and exercises have no positive effects on losing weight. The therapy is also prescribed when obesity can pose a serious health concern for you. The medication can have side effects like gastrointestinal issues, respiratory issues, muscle, and joint aches.


Weight loss surgery includes changing parts of the stomach and small intestine to prevent consuming food in excess. Gastric band surgery is a stomach reduction procedure, while gastric bypass enables bypassing food in the digestive system. The surgery involves reducing mid-intestine and stomach.

Hormone medical treatment for obesity

Hormone treatment is considered as an innovative non-surgical treatment method, which consists of combining certain hormones for an effective weight reduction therapy.

Brown fat cells

Research is still going on for medical treatment for obesity. Scientists are working hard on converting white fat cells to brown to speed up the calories burning process.

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