How To Choose The Best Diagnostic Centre?

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March 7, 2018
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When you or someone close to you fall sick, you want to consult the best doctors. But do you put the same emphasis on the choosing the best diagnostic centres that perform tests which your doctor uses to treat? These diagnostics centres play a crucial role as the doctors rely on the test results to plan your course of treatment and hence it is critical to get the right reports. Though medical technology has evolved and it is possible to detect any disease, due to commercialisation there are many laboratories which do not have the expertise but make up for it by offering tests at low costs. There are many resources like which can guide you to utilise health care platforms, but there are a few essential things that you should consider before getting pathological tests done anywhere.

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Experience: It is the most critical aspect of choosing any healthcare service. Look for a diagnostic centre which has been around for some time and has qualified and skilled professionals. These centres should be accredited and have to be verified by the NABL, National Accreditation Board for testing which is an organisation which validates labs. Choose labs which have


● Efficient staff who are professional in their work
● Recommended by your doctor, references or reviews on the internet.
● Friendly staff who provide excellent customer service.

The accuracy of the reports: The treatment any doctor provides is based on the lab reports. It is thus imperative that you choose the best diagnostic centre which offers accurate reports. Many people have been wrongly diagnosed and given wrong treatment due to inaccurate reports. The data in the report should be precise and should be free of faults, both technical and human. If you are in doubt, get the same test conducted in more than one lab to see the consistency of the report. The following decisions are made based on the lab reports

● Medicines administered
● The course of treatment by the doctor.
● Decision to admit and discharge from the hospital


Use the latest technology: Look for labs that have the most recent technological machines. Those labs that use old devices are more likely to have staff who are not capable of adapting to modern technology and should be considered a red flag when you are choosing such centres. With the help of the latest machines, the technicians can provide precise data eliminating human errors which is handy to the doctors while treating your illness. Check out if the lab you are getting tested at has

● Digital pathology
● Molecular diagnostics
● Nanosensors
● Pharmacogenomics

Policies of the labs: Look for reviews and other information on the diagnostic centre by going through the social media page or other online resources. A lot of data can be gathered about the labs through user reviews, and you can then decide on getting your tests done. Apart from the reviews, look for licenses and certifications from an accredited government organisation. Also, check if the insurance covers the fee. Ensure that they provide the reports on time.

The other things to consider is the convenience of the patient, accessibility and the urgency while looking for the best diagnostic centre.

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