Know the difference between MRI scan and CT scan

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February 26, 2020
MRI Scan & CT Scan Equipment In One Image.

CT scan uses x-rays to create images of the body’s inner parts. MRI also referred to as Magnetic Resonance Imaging utilizes radiofrequency pulses and powerful magnetic fields to create detailed images of internal body structures and organs. MRIs do not use radiation whereas CT scans utilize radiation. CT scans are noninvasive, painless, and quick. MRIs offer detailed data about the soft tissues or inner organs like the reproductive system, skeletal system, brain, and various other systems than the CT scan. MRI scans are more expensive than CT scans. There are chances of safety concerns due to the strong magnets of the MRI scan.

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Which one is safe- MRI or CT scan?

Both are generally safe. But there are chances of problems. If the patient has aneurysm clips, MRI scans are not recommended for them. There are chances for the clips to be pulled off, ending up hemorrhage into the brain. Another issue is the presence of certain defibrillators or cardiac pacemakers. The magnet chances to malfunction these battery-run devices. CT scans do not cause any issues. The patient gets exposed to radiation during a CT scan but it will be a low dose. Some kinds of CT scans are not recommended during pregnancy.

A Result Monitor Of Brain For Both MRI & CT Scan.

What conditions or diseases can MRI and CT diagnose?

Some of the conditions or diseases that CT scan helps diagnose include:

  • Find out the reason for unexplained pain
  • Help determine the analysis of pain in the small bowel, pelvis, colon and internal organs and abdominal pain
  • Assess head trauma IQ, mainly facial trauma IQ
  • Take pictures of the brain and differentiate between hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke

CT scan is also helpful in certain traumatic wounds to determine subtle fractures

MRI scans are mainly used for imaging clear pictures of organs, ligaments, soft tissues, and several features that are challenging to view with CT.

Can an MRI or CT scan see bony structures and bones of the body?

With both MRI and CT scans, you can see bony structures and bones of the body. But MRI offers detail, particularly the soft tissues neighboring the bones. MRI and CT scans have an extensive scope of usage in medicine.

Which costs more- MRI or CT scan?

The cost of an MRI is twice as much as CT scans. It is because of the contrast dye used within the MRI.

If the patient is pregnant CT scan is not required unless necessary. In most cases, your physician would analyze and determine which is best for you- CT or MRI scan.

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