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A man wearing Cpap mask for sleeping without snoring.

Respiration is the most critical process within our body that cannot go interrupted for long. An average person can hold breath to a maximum of 90 seconds. Unlike food or water deprivation, this is the most serious one that the body tries to fight back. The absence of pain receptors within the lungs make it even difficult for a person to know if there is something wrong within them.

In short, several pulmonary diseases could go undetected and undiagnosed for a long time before getting critical. And hence, medical equipments for breathing use are often lifesaving ones and need to be designed in such a way that it performs to the fullest at all times. It is essential that the equipment used suits the patient’s needs and lifestyle all the more while being the best therapeutic solution.

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Equipment For Sleep Disorders

C-PAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine is one of the medical equipments for breathing that helps patients with breathing issues related to sleep disorders. Oxygen is supplied through a mask into the patient’s nasal passage. Continuous air is passed and helps through obstructive sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. The machine has to be capable of operating continuously without tampering with the input and output. It is an air compressor that pushes in the input oxygen supply to the mask as output. On continuous operation, the machine has to be prevented from getting warm and may heat the oxygen supply. For this, highly advanced temperature and humidification control systems are integrated into the equipment to match the patient’s comfort during their sleep.

An Equipment For Cpap Mask For Sleeping Disorder People.

Equipment For Inhaling Medicine

A nebulizer is another one of the medical equipments for breathing that helps patients to inhale medicines that are mixed with the air. This machine has a compartment for inserting medications that need to be ingested into the patient’s nasal cavity. It is a slightly portable machine that could be used at home or the hospital. The nebulizer is a compressor that pumps air through a medicine compartment converting it into aerosols or air-borne particles that are easily absorbed by the inner lining of our nasal passage. It uses ordinary atmospheric air by creating a pressure variation to push the medicines into the patient with the slightest or negligible levels affecting their comfortability.

Equipment For Breathing Assistance

BiPAP or Bi-Level Positive Air Pressure machine is one of the medical equipment for breathing assistance that is non-invasive. There is an option to add additional oxygen to the input, but usually, it could do otherwise as well. BiPAP is used where a patient is unable to breath unassisted. The function is to push as much oxygen as possible into the lungs so that it gets absorbed by the lungs. This machine is used for therapy in case of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), sleep apnea, pneumonia, adult respiratory distress syndrome, cardiac failure or other breathing disorders. This machine has different pressure settings that could match the comfort of the patient as it has to be run throughout the night.

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