Simple medical treatments for snoring

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March 22, 2020
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March 26, 2020
Medical Treatment For Snoring.

What is snoring and why do some people snore?

If you have the habit of snoring while in deep sleep, there is no need to worry as there are several medical treatments for snoring. You are not the only one. More than 50% of adults in America snore. It occurs when the air runs through the throat while breathing in during sleep. It permits the relaxed tissues in the throat to pulsate and result in irritating, harsh snoring sounds.

It has chances to disturb your partner’s sleep and even your sleep. Some people may think that it is not a big issue and do not take any treatments to control snoring. Remember, it is not an illness to ignore. It could be a symptom of a severe health condition like:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • A problem with your throat, nose or mouth structure
  • Obesity
  • Blocked airways or obstructive sleep apnea

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Simple and effective medical treatments for snoring

In some cases, it is necessary to consult your doctor and get medical treatment according to your condition. Some of the common causes of snoring could be benign factors such as sleep position. It is possible to treat snoring with certain simple home remedies.

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1. If you are obese, lose weight

Snoring can be due to too much tissue in the throat. When you lose weight, the tissue would reduce and there are chances for reduced snoring. By limiting overall calorie intake, you can easily lose weight. For this, you need to consume healthy foods and eat smaller portions. Ensure to do exercises regularly. If needed, you can also consult your nutritionist or doctor for assistance.

2. Elevate your bed’s head

Raising your bed’s head for about four inches helps in reducing snoring as this position aids in keeping airways open.

3. Try to rest on your side

In some cases, sleeping on the back results in moving of tongue to the throat’s back part. It partially blocks airflow through the throat. When you sleep or rest on the side, the air flows easily and you can also stop or reduce snoring.

4. Use external nasal dilator or nasal strips

Nowadays, stick-on nasal strips are easily available and it helps in controlling snoring excellently. It should be engaged on the nose bridge that assists in enhancing the nasal passage space. It makes your breathing effective and eliminates and reduces snoring. If possible, you can also use a nasal dilator. It is a stiff adhesive strip applied on the nose through the nostrils. It aids in decreasing airflow resistance and thus, breathing becomes simple.

5. Avoid or limit alcohol before bed

It is recommended not to consume alcohol two hours before your bedtime. If you consume alcohol, it relaxes the throat muscles and results in snoring.

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6. Stop smoking

One of the unhealthy habits you should control or eliminate is smoking. It has chances of worsening the condition. Discuss with your physician regarding therapies like patches or gums that help in quitting.

7. Do not take sedatives before sleeping

If you have the habit of snoring and consuming sedatives, you need to consult your physician and ask for treatment options. When you stop consuming sedatives before bed, you can see good results.

8. Wear palatal implants

It is also referred to as a pillar procedure. It involves injecting plaited strands of polyester fiber into the soft palate of the mouth. It stiffens and reduces snoring.

9. Get sufficient sleep

Ensure you are sleeping about seven or eight hours a day.

10. Utilize an oral appliance

An oral appliance is also referred to as dental mouthpieces. It helps in keeping air passage open, thus making breathing easy. It prevents snoring. It is necessary to consult your dentist for suggestions and to get these devices.

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