Importance of live scan equipment in modern-day security features

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Biometric security features are gaining popularity as more and more governments as well as private institutions are adopting the technology. While government authorities rely upon biometric equipment for law enforcement, access control, employee identification, civil identity, etc., the businesses use it for identification, safeguarding clouds, communications and many more. The broader acceptance of the technology is significantly contributing to a reduced price structure of live scan equipment or Fingerprint sensors.

Top five live scan equipment

Though many biometric identification technologies are widely in use, fingerprinting technology is the cheapest of all. The increasing rate of acceptance and adoption by the different organizations has made it quite affordable. The immense advances in technology have made the live scan fingerprinting as the most popular identification technologies. The article will take you through the top five live scan equipment and the functionalities it can provide to the customers.

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Integrated Biometrics Kojak

Integrated Biometrics Kojak is an FBI certified 60 10 print compact scanner that ensures high-quality fingerprints with the lowest power consumption. LES (Light-emitting sensor) patented by the Integrated Biometrics and the LED graphical user interface makes the live scan equipment even smarter than its competitors did.


  • LES integration makes it ideal for capturing fingerprints from moist, dry, or even dirty fingers. Hence, there is
  • no need for regular cleaning of the device.
  • The compact and lightweight feature of the device makes it extremely handy
  • The equipment can work in any temperature and conditions due to its rugged structure, and thus making it a low maintenance device.

Extremely power efficient

The compactness, power efficiency and the inclusion of patented LES technology make it a superior product than the traditional ten-print scanners. The pricing of the scanners is also attractive despite all of the advantages.


10-finger enrollment makes it an ideal choice for law enforcement. The equipment’s durable body with IP65 ingress rating protects it from accidental spills and therefore making it perfect for rough uses. The device is also compatible with a wide range of OS, thereby enhancing the overall usability with any equipment.

A Person Placing Her Fingers On A Fingerprint Scanner.

Watson Mini

Integrated Biometrics’ lightweight and compact live scan equipment, Watson Mini has earned the reputation of the first optical scanner as it uses the LES technology. LES technology also eliminates the need for constant cleaning as it is capable of capturing high-quality images despite wet or dirty fingers. The product also includes SDK that helps the effective integration of images to various applications


  • Efficient power consumption of 1.2 W
  • The rugged exterior makes it ideal for rough condition usability
  • Does not recognize latent prints
  • Can operate efficiently in sunlight
  • SDK features for effective integration with applications


The live scan equipment is useful for both standalone as well as applications in smart devices. Also, the LES features enable the device to capture a high-resolution picture despite external factors like direct light or dirt. The lightweight feature has enabled it to be ideal for mobile, and other handheld applications. Also, the shock-resistant sensors make it perfect for rough exterior uses.

Suprema RealScan G10

Optical technology with precision image technique makes the Suprema RealScan G10 an efficient leading scanner that can capture superior images. The FBI IAFIS certification makes it even reliable and effective scanner


  • The durable exterior makes the live scan equipment ideal for the exterior environment
  • Ten print captures with FBI certification makes it an ideal device for criminal and civil application
  • Advanced optical technology enhances speedy image capture and enables secure image processing
  • Ingress rating of IP54 makes it water and dustproof


Images captured by Suprema real scan G10 are of superior quality and pass all identification phases of fingerprint experts and the IAFIS. The slip detection algorithm, specific to Suprema, helps to construct roll fingerprint images. The error-free and quality images are the results of ARIC technology.

Sherlock is the smallest and lightest FBI Appendix F certified two-finger scanner. LES integration allows the device to produce some of the high-quality images and resist any abrasion. Similarly, Nitgen eNBioscan is also dual fingerprint live scan equipment that has a full window for easy capturing of two fingers. The device supports various international standards like WSQ compression, IOS 197924-2 and ANSI 378 for image compression, formats, and interfaces, respectively.

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