Overview of Patient Transport Equipments

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Medical emergencies are dealt with the help of various types of medical lab equipment. There is a need to transport the patients from one place to another in case of an emergency. Patient transport equipment plays a significant role in saving the lives of people. Different types of patient transport equipment are used in health care services. These medical transport equipment services can be made use of 24 hours per day throughout the year. The type of emergency and the medical condition of the patient determine the need of the actual medical transport equipment. The following lists some of the patient transport equipment and their functions.

Patient transport equipment is broadly classified into emergency and non-emergency patient transport equipment.

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Emergency Patient Transport Equipments

There are certain types of transport equipment that are used under situations for saving the life of people.

Basic life support ambulance: This a special type of transport equipment for moving highly critical patients from one place to another. They may require medical assistance during transport. This transport equipment includes various life saving medical lab equipment namely ventilator, oxygen tanks, splints, cardiac monitoring etc.

Advanced Life Support Ambulance: This type of patient transport equipment is mainly used in case of critical medical emergencies. Technology plays a key role in this type of patient transport equipment. A paramedic is responsible for the functioning of the advanced life support ambulance. They offer medical shots, medicines and perform monitoring of the patients. They make sure that the patients are stable during the trip.

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Non-Emergency Patient Transport Equipments

The following are some of the patient transport equipment commonly used for moving patients from one place to another during non-emergency situations and medical situations with no immediate threat.

Ambulance: This is the most commonly used non-emergency patient transport equipment. Patients seek the help of ambulances only when they need some basic medical assistance during the travel from one place to the other.

Stretcher: This type of patient transport equipment is offered for people who are suffering from back pains or issues which prevents them from sitting upright. There is no life-saving emergency involved when using this type of medical transport equipment.

Wheel Chair: Patients who cannot move on their own and people with certain physical disabilities can make use of wheelchair transport services. Wheelchair lifts are used for lifting the wheelchairs into the vans. Only CPR trained drivers can operate this type of patient transport equipment. The patients using this type of medical transport service need not require any emergency care.

Flight Escorts: This type of patient transport equipment is offered to people who are eligible for air travel but they require a certain extent of medical assistance. This is because they cannot sit upright throughout the air travel. A nurse would accompany the patient throughout the journey to keep a check on their health condition. They also arrange the necessary ground transportation so that the patient reaches their destination without any issues.

The above are various patient transport equipment commonly in use all around the world.

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