The essential guide on patient transport equipment

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February 2, 2020
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Fire and accidents are some of the emergency accidents that may involve more than one casualties. Transporting the victims to the hospitals properly remains a significant challenge faced by the Fire and emergency service personnel. Improper shifting not only puts the victims at risk, but the support staff are also susceptible to grave back injuries.

Following are five innovative patient transport equipment that addresses different challenges faced during the movement of patients.

Patient transport equipment

SKED’s Rapid access system

This emergency evacuation kit is designed to package someone safely and remove him or her from a dangerous environment to safety. The kit is designed to perfection that consists of a hanging bag with loop cords, two large zippers and Velcro attachments. The equipment is perfect for hospitals, schools or shopping malls.

Basic rescue system kit

The rescue kit is best for constricted space and different technical and high angle rescues. The equipment can be used for vertical lifts in industrial or caves and horizontal hoisting by helicopters. It comes with horizontal lift slings, removable webbing handles, tow strap, vertical lift slings and tow straps.

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Spine immobilizers

Spine immobilizers are essential for removing patients safely without causing further damage to the spine. The criss-cross straps immobilize the patients without causing major trouble for breathing. Clavicle fracture patients can also be effectively transferred using this.

Evacuation kits for kids

Emergency kits for moving babies from nursery to other locations are available now. The pocket-like make of the stretchers is resizable according to the baby’s size. The hoods provided in the emergency kit can keep the baby’s head warm.

Rescue system with strap kit

This is an essential patient transport system for rescuers who are involved in hot zones or major evacuations. This kit can be dragged over any tough terrains including stairways and can be deployed by a single person.

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